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2017 Midwest Clinic: Carmel Middle School Chamber Orchestra (Live)

Release date: 11 May 2018, 53008-MCD


Carmel Middle School Chamber Orchestra, Doug Droste, Joel Powell, Soo Han, Natalie Schoeff, Ron Nobles


Gustav Holst, Franz Schubert, Domenico Gallo, Brian Holmes, Douglas Wagner, Doug Spata, Richard Meyer, Alex Safford, Joshua Reznicow, Patrick Roszell, Alan Lee Silva, Paul Seitz






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Joshua Reznicow: Gates of Valhalla 06:00   $
Gates of Valhalla (Live) 06:00   $
Domenico Gallo, Douglas Wagner: Sinfonia in G Major (arr. D. Wagner for string orchestra) 02:44   $
Sinfonia in G Major (Arr. D. Wagner for String Orchestra) [Live] 02:44   $
Gustav Holst, Patrick Roszell: In the Bleak Midwinter (arr. P. Roszell for string orchestra) 03:24   $
In the Bleak Midwinter, H. 73 No. 1 (Arr. P. Roszell for String Orchestra) [Live] 03:24   $
Alan Lee Silva: Keystone 04:09   $
Keystone (Live) 04:09   $
Alex Safford: Blue Mountain 02:56   $
Blue Mountain (Live) 02:56   $
Paul Seitz: Iowa Spring 05:31   $
Iowa Spring (Live) 05:31   $
Franz Schubert, Brian Holmes: Symphony No. 5 in B-Flat Major, D. 485 04:33   $
IV. Allegro vivace (Arr. B. Holmes for String Orchestra) [Live] 04:33   $
Doug Spata: Archaic Voices 01:55   $
Archaic Voices (Live) 01:55   $
Richard Meyer: Swamp Thang (Stompin' the Bayou) 04:23   $
Swamp Thang (Stompin' the Bayou) [Live] 04:23   $

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