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A Tribute to the Mighty Handful

Release date: 13 May 2016, DE3518


Russian Guitar Quartet


Alexander Borodin, Cesar Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev, Oleg Timofeyev, Viktor Sobolenko, Alexei Stepanov






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César Cui: A Prisoner in the Caucasus 5:53   $
Kavkazskiy plennik (A Prisoner in the Caucasus), Act III: Danses Circassiennes (arr. O. Timofeyev for guitar quartet) 05:53   $
César Cui: The Captain's Daughter 5:24   $
Kapitanskaya dochka (The Captain’s Daughter): Cossack Dances (arr. O. Timofeyev for guitar quartet) 05:24   $
Modest Mussorgsky, Boris Godunov: Potpourri 13:25   $
Potpourri (arr. O. Timofeyev for guitar quartet) 13:25   $
Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev: Mazurka No. 3 in B Minor 4:54   $
Mazurka No. 3 in B Minor (arr. V. Sobolenko for guitar quartet) 04:54   $
Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev: Polka in F-Sharp Minor 3:17   $
Polka in F-Sharp Minor (arr. V. Sobolenko for guitar quartet) 03:17   $
Alexander Borodin: Prince Igor 14:2   $
Prince Igor (Knyaz Igor), Act II: Dance of the Polovtsian Maidens (arr. O. Timofeyev for guitar quartet) 14:02   $
Alexei Stepanov: Balakireviana (After M. Balakirev) 7:26   $
No. 1. Kak po lugu, lugu (Along the Meadow) 01:19   $
No. 2. U vorot, vorot batiushkinykh (By My Father's Gate) 01:49   $
No. 3. Nadoeli nochi, naskuchili (I Am Tired Of Those Nights) 02:54   $
No. 4. Pod iabloniu zelionoiu (Under the Green Apple Tree) 01:24   $
Viktor Sobolenko: Scheherazade in Spain 10:12   $
Scheherazade in Spain 10:12   $

Album Spectogram

Album information

Many guitar fans aren’t aware of Russia’s once-popular seven-string guitar tradition, especially the use of different sizes and types of the instrument in quartet configurations. Such ensembles were quite active in Russia until the early 20th century, but no scores or manuscripts for them have survived.

Enter renowned guitarist and lutenist Oleg Timofeyev, who formed the Russian Guitar Quartet in 2006 for the specific purpose of reviving this multi-faceted tradition in the 21st century. And what better way to demonstrate the unique sound and style of such an ensemble than to arrange for it the music of “The Mighty Handful” – the influential 19th-century alliance of five composers who collectively sought to establish a unique, folk-based brand of Russian national music.

While several of the works heard in this unprecedented album are arrangements of popular pieces by Mussorgsky, Borodin and Rimsky-Korsakov, there are quite a few more by lesser-known composers like César Cui and Mily Balakirev. Whether fresh or familiar, this music is beautifully performed by a fine group of accomplished players with solo careers of their own.

A Tribute to the Mighty Handful

Category Chamber

Period Contemporary

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