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Superior sound for premium music

primephonic offers high quality classical music downloads in various formats, ranging from WAV, to FLAC, to DSD. No compressed files with degraded sound – lossless audio is the message. We strive to offer the best releases for your listening pleasure. From the audiophiles to the classical music enthusiasts, primephonic has your favourite musical works in store for all. The music could sound even better than on a CD, with a broad catalogue of high resolution audio available, to add unsurpassed detail and dynamic depth to your listening experience.

At primephonic, we offer only the finest selection of classical music in the highest quality audio formats available. A team of passionate music experts carefully checks every released album, before adding to the catalogue. Much attention is paid to providing correct metadata and album information, resulting in a premium musical experience. It is our goal to make primephonic a dedicated classical music platform, with a large catalogue that covers every genre and period, releases by renowned labels as well as hidden treasures brought to you by small independent labels. To keep you well-informed, primephonic offers extensive background information of all available products and provides daily news insights about classical music and high-end audio.

primephonic is also an interactive meeting place, with a full blown user profile system and an interactive platform interface. Be amazed by premium quality audio, enriched classical music content and contemporary design as primephonic breaks the barriers of technical information and draws classical music closer to today as everyone is enabled to enjoy classical music in the highest quality possible, in the most accessible manner. Within the primephonic community, conversations are facilitated among audiophiles, hardware manufacturers, audio magazines, labels, performers and the audience as we believe in sharing knowledge in the field of high end audio and classical music. We hope you will join the community today and enjoy your primephonic experience!



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