Academy of Ancient Music

The Academy of Ancient Music is an award-winning early music ensemble based in Cambridge, England. They vitalise baroque and classical music, playing in the style and spirit in which the music was first performed, on either authentic period instruments or modern copies of instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries.


AAM Records is the in-house recording label of The Ancient Academy of Music. Established in 2003, AAM records build takes full control of The Ancient Academy of Music's future recording catalogue and producing a range of recordings which match the artistic plans and development of the orchestra as well as reflecting its commitment to historically-informed performances of baroque and classical music.

AAM Records develops a range of supplementary materials from specially-commissioned liner notes to films and podcasts, giving listeners deeper insights into the music. They are expanding their presence in the Far East, America and Australia, and cementing their presence in Europe and the UK.

Michael Garvey, AAM Chief Executive, commented: “Over the past decade the AAM has developed an extensive touring schedule, with performances throughout every continent except Antarctica. Now, with the launch of AAM Records, lovers of baroque and classical music throughout the world will be able to enjoy our music-making whenever and wherever they like. Our recordings will reflect the AAM’s distinctive period-instrument sound and our latest artistic ambitions, bringing the AAM’s distinguished recording history up to date. With our range of supplementary materials, including a variety of online digital content, we hope to give audiences a fresh insight into the music at the heart of our work.”

Richard Egarr, AAM Music Director, added: “I am so excited about AAM Records. There are many things I would love to record with the AAM and having our own label will allow us the freedom to explore a wide range of repertoire over the coming years. Being in-house offers us the benefit of being able to take the utmost care and to attain the highest possible standards in both sound and performance. I am hugely proud of our new baby.”

Being in-house offers us the benefit of being able to take the utmost care and to attain the highest possible standards in both sound and performance.


AAM Records plans to release two recordings per season, with the first four recordings directed by AAM Music Director Richard Egarr, and alongside his continuing presence, the AAM will work with a range of guest directors and soloists including Sarah Connolly and James Gilchrist. Future plans include further major choral works and orchestral repertoire as well as a range of smaller-scale recordings.

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Academy of Ancient Music

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