æon is a well-established French classical music record label, based in Paris and founded in 2001 by Kaisa and Damien Pousset. Authenticity and integrity of all the involved artists are what thrives æon. The label has a growing catalogue of over 120 recordings.


æon is part of OUTHERE MUSIC and has focus on contemporary and medieval music. The label is currently pursuing an editorial approach based upon developing two complementary collections: one is strictly contemporary, devoted to monographs on 20th- and 21st-century composers, the other embraces a wider repertoire, but mainly medieval music. This approach is focused on the singularity or uniqueness of the selected artist.

One of æon‘s latest releases features an exceptional interpretation of Bach's late, contrapuntal masterwork, left incomplete upon his death in 1750, ‘L’art de la Fuge’. It is wonderfully played on an untempered piano by French/Swiss pianist Cedric Pescia.

...focused on the singularity of the artists.

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Brentano String Quartet


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