Aevea Classics

Dedicated to 18th- and 19th-century repertoire, the italian label Aevea reflects a passion for artistic performances and pure, natural sound.


ÆVEA is the new physical label born from the cooperation between OnClassical and Naxos of America. Its main focus stands in the  Romantic and XX century repertoires for single instrument or chamber music ensembles. 

ÆVEA's strive to reflect high quality artistic performances with the objective of harmonizing it with a devoted interpretive phase and environmental response. ÆVEA's philosophy motivate a meager use of post-production, pointing out how sometimes not a single action is taken after the recording and editing processes. 

The final sound and conclusive mix are derived from the initial idea of a recording project, having a strong consideration for the musical character of each piece, the performers, and the instrumental as well as environmental elements.

ÆVEA's recordings aspire to capture the best artistic performance, interaction and environmental response.

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