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Lydia Kakabadse: Concertato

Release date: 17 Feb 2017, DDA25149


Sound Collective, Jess Dandy


Lydia Kakabadse





Late 20th

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Lydia Kakabadse: The Coachman's Terror 18:05  
I. Snow Storms Gather 02:55  
II. Stranded amidst Swirling Snows 02:34  
III. Evil Spirits Gather Round 04:29  
IV. A Landscape so Desolate 03:37  
V. Straying into the Unknown 04:30  
Lydia Kakabadse: Dance Sketches 10:01  
I. Arabian Folk Dance 03:39  
II. Stately Court Dance 04:05  
III. Dance of the Clockwork Toys 02:17  
Lydia Kakabadse: Concertato for Cello & Double Bass 11:29  
I. Andante espressivo 02:46  
II. Andante legato 02:31  
III. Andante con brio 02:49  
IV. Andante energico 03:23  
Lydia Kakabadse: Spellbound 02:21  
Spellbound 02:21  
Lydia Kakabadse: Eldorado 03:19  
Eldorado 03:19  
Lydia Kakabadse: Cantus Planus 12:06  
I. Matins 03:56  
II. Lauds 03:45  
III. Vespers 04:25  
Lydia Kakabadse: Recitativo arioso + Variations 11:08  
I. Recitativo Arioso 04:32  
II. First Variation 02:22  
III. Second Variation 04:14  

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