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Bruno Bavota: Out of the Blue

Release date: 30 Sep 2016, DSL-92206


Michael Nicolas, Bruno Bavota, J. Freivogel


Bruno Bavota





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Bruno Bavota: Out of the Blue   $
Out of the Blue 02:49   $
Bruno Bavota: Mountains   $
Mountains 04:26   $
Bruno Bavota: Marea   $
Marea 03:33   $
Bruno Bavota: Heartbeat   $
Heartbeat 04:32   $
Bruno Bavota: Mr. Rail   $
Mr. Rail 01:56   $
Bruno Bavota: Passengers   $
Passengers 04:18   $
Bruno Bavota: Lovers   $
Lovers 03:02   $
Bruno Bavota: Beyond the Clouds   $
Beyond the Clouds 03:15   $
Bruno Bavota: Warm Embrace   $
Warm Embrace 04:33   $
Bruno Bavota: Dusk in the East   $
Dusk in the East 04:20   $
Bruno Bavota: Horizon   $
Horizon 03:26   $
Bruno Bavota: Breath   $
Breath 05:00   $
Bruno Bavota: Snow   $
Snow 04:42   $

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Album information

This album of beautiful and accessible music comes from Bruno Bavota, whose touring will soon lead him to the United States. This is his fifth and most accomplished release. This release has a lot of meaning to the artist. The title is taken from the informal English idiom which describes an unexpected event. This is how the artist views his music- happening without warning or preparation. “At the young age of twenty, Bruno Bavota fell in love with music, and after finding the piano a few years later, he knew he had found the perfect outlet for his new found joy. From this simple beginning, the Neapolitan pianist and composer has flourished, bringing his wonderful neoclassical compositions to life…” (anthemreview.com) “Bruno Bavota conjures a world that we can only recreate in the privacy of our own living room: innocent, simple peaceful. No grand arrangements or exploding orchestrations, but fragile and introspective compositions like a balm after a hectic day at the office or a traffic jam on a highway.”

Bruno Bavota: Out of the Blue

Category Chamber


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