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Bach: Harpsichord Partitas, BWV 825-830

Release date: 18 Nov 2016, DSL-92209


Jory Vinikour


Johann Sebastian Bach




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Johann Sebastian Bach: Harpsichord Partita No. 1 in B-Flat Major, BWV 825 19:54   $
I. Prelude 02:08   $
II. Allemande 03:49   $
III. Corrente 02:59   $
IV. Sarabande 05:28   $
V. Minuet I-II 02:59   $
VI. Gigue 02:31   $
Johann Sebastian Bach: Harpsichord Partita No. 2 in C Minor, BWV 826 21:19   $
I. Sinfonia 04:27   $
II. Allemande 05:29   $
III. Courante 02:37   $
IV. Sarabande 03:12   $
V. Rondeaux 01:44   $
VI. Capriccio 03:50   $

Album Spectogram

Album information

Vinikour's performances are so buoyant, glistening or noble that you'll likely find yourself glued to your speakers (or headphones). And if you're accustomed to hearing the harpsichord at some distance in a concert hall, be prepared to listen as if you're standing next to the keyboard…” —Gramophone. Playing with elegance and an innate sense of phrasing that allows lyric inventions to shine through the natural flow of the music, Mr. Vinikour achieves the distinction of offering playing that is genuinely moving.” —Joseph Newsome, Voix des Arts. The six partitas for harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach are among the greatest and most inspired works of all keyboard literature. Although they are the first works that Bach decided to publish, they represent the composer's genius at the height of his maturity, matched only by the Goldberg Variations. Performed on a stunning copy of a North German instrument of Bach's time, rich and expressive, but also clear and incisive, built by Tom and Barbara Wolf, each of the partitas is a microcosm, ranging from the poetic and pastoral (no. 1, in B flat Major), to the epic and tragic (no. 6, in e minor). Bach shows himself to be playful, profound, meditative, theatrical, virtuoso - and always the greatest composer of counterpoint of all time. The six partitas represent the apotheosis not only of Bach's unique keyboard language, and the expressive possibilities of the harpsichord, but in the inherent range of colors and contrasts within the confines of a suite. To a greater extent than in the other sets of suites, each of the six partitas seems to establish its own distinct character, which is developed throughout the suite. As with the English Suites, each of the partitas opens with a prélude. However, these movements are widely varied in form as well as in mood. Although each of the the six partitas contains the standard suite movements (apart from the c minor partita, which foregoes the customary gigue in favor of a Capriccio), these movements show the most striking variety.

Bach: Harpsichord Partitas, BWV 825-830

Category Solo Instrumental

Period Baroque

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