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Telemann, Corelli & Bach: Chamber Music

Release date: 06 Jan 2017, BIS-2235


Dan Laurin, Anna Paradiso, Emelie Roos, Höör Barock


Johann Sebastian Bach, Arcangelo Corelli, Georg Philipp Telemann







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I. Ouverture 05:57   $
II. Sarabande: Die schlaffende Thetis 02:38   $
III. Bourrée: Die erwachende Thetis 01:58   $
IV. Loure: Der verliebte Neptunus 02:02   $
V. Gavotte: Die spielenden Najaden 00:53   $
VI. Harlequinade: Die scherzenden Tritonen 01:05   $
VII. Der stürmende Aeolus 02:11   $
VIII. Menuet: Der angenehme Zephir 02:37   $
IX. Gigue: Ebbe und Fluth 01:04   $
X. Canarie: Die lustigen Bootsleute 01:29   $
I. Adagio - Allegro 03:14   $
II. Adagio 01:43   $
III. Vivace 00:50   $
IV. Allegro 02:59   $
I. Allegro 06:10   $
II. Andante 03:06   $
III. Allegro assai 04:30   $
I. Vivace - Grave 01:07   $
II. Allegro 02:08   $
III. Adagio - Allegro - Adagio 03:06   $
IV. Vivace 00:55   $
V. Allegro 01:58   $
VI. Pastorale ad libitum: Largo 04:26   $
I. Andante 02:01   $
II. Presto 02:43   $
III. Cantabile 02:37   $
IV. Allegro 02:12   $

Album Spectogram

Album information

The young period band Höör Barock, based in the south of Sweden, has chosen a colourful programme for its début disc. With recorder virtuoso Dan Laurin at the helm, the twelve musicians steer a course through Telemann’s celebrated Wassermusik (also known as Hamburger Ebb’ und Fluth) with its sea gods and goddesses dancing bourrées and gavottes before a rowdy crowd of seamen closes the suite with an energetic Canarie. The center piece of the programme is Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in F major, the composer’s arrangement of his own Brandenburg Concerto No. 4. Soloist here is Anna Paradiso, who also plays continuo in the other works of the recording. Bach is flanked on either side by two of the Op. 6 concerti grossi by another Baroque heavyweight, Arcangelo Corelli. His Concerto No. 4 and No. 8 – the much-loved Christmas Concerto – appear here in a slightly unusual guise. They are usually performed by strings alone, but inspired by recent research, Dan Laurin and his recorder-playing colleague Emelie Roos here take on the solo parts, and the tutti ensemble is joined by oboes and bassoon – while a baroque harp adds to the angelic atmosphere of the closing Christmas Pastorale of Concerto No. 8. The album closes as it began, with Telemann, whose Concerto in B flat major for winds, strings and basso continuo is a perfect example of the composer’s art, involving playful juggling of different instrumental combinations and musical ideas.

Telemann, Corelli & Bach: Chamber Music

Category Orchestral

Period Baroque

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