Alpha is an imaginative French label founded by Jean-Paul Combet and was named ‘Classical label of the year 2005’ by the international press.


Alpha has a fascinating collection of recordings of seldom explored releases of relatively unknown composers. The label thrives on high quality sound and aesthetic perfection of its more than 250 recordings. The collection includes releases from the middle ages to the modern era. All recordings are available on CD, DVD, records and HD download quality and feature sumptuous illustrated booklets written by notable music experts.

Records that are as beautiful to look at as to listen to.


The label’s collection features numerous releases of Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Vivaldi and formerly unknown composers such as, Bellerofonte Castaldi, Domenico Belli, Stefano Landi, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach and Pierre Guédron. Alpha’s repertoire is known for its connections to literature, poetry and paintings and upcoming classical talents. Among Alpha’s popular recordings are the rediscovered works of French composer Louis-Nicolas Clérambault's Miserere in addition to French baroque composer François Couperin’s Leçons de Ténèbres, wherein Old Testament texts are beautifully interpreted. Furthermore, several recordings of Schumann and Beethoven’s repertoires are exquisitely performed by one of the leading pianists of his generation, Eric Le Sage.

All images courtesy of Outhere Music.

Eric Le Sage

Soloist, Ensemble

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