Cuarteto Latinoamericano

The Cuarteto Latinoamericano is a world-renowned Latin American quartet from Mexico, established in 1982. The quartet is internationally known as the prominent endorser of Latin American music for string quartet. The Grammy winning group includes three brothers surnamed Bitrán, Saúl and Arón are the violinists and Alvaro the cellist, along with violist Javier Montiel. They’ve recorded nearly all of the Latin American repertoire for string quartet and for the release of their album called ‘Brasileiro, works of Mignone’ the quartet was honoured with a Grammy for Best Classical Recording (2012). They’ve also been nominated for a Grammy in the field of Best Chamber Music Recording. The quartet is the recipient of Mexican Music Critics Association Award in 1983 and ‘Most Adventurous Programming’ awards (1997).

The Washington Post praised them for being ‘matchless in tonal magnitude, tuneful fluency and concentrated teamwork’. And the Toronto Star acknowledged them as, ‘Though such ensembles as the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Latin America’s composers have long since arrived on the world’s stage’. The quartet has internationally received numerous of such praising reviews of their performances. The quartet has toured extensively across Europe, America, Israel, Japan and New Zealand, where they’ve performed in the most prestigious venues. The quartet has established the Latin American Academy for String Quartets in Caracas, Mexico, which serves as a training ground for young string quartets.

...matchless in tonal magnitude, tuneful fluency and concentrated teamwork.

Cuarteto Latinoamericano’s repertoire consists of introductions of over a hundred works written for them and more than hundred world premieres. They’ve recorded over a fifty albums, which include the complete series for quartet by many Latin American composers, such as Francisco Mignone, Heitor Villa-obos, Silvestra Revueltas, Carlos Chávez and many more eminent composers. Since 2011 the quartet is under exclusive recording agreement with the label Sono Luminus, for whom they’ve released 3 albums, ‘Encore’ (2010), ‘Mexican Romantic Quartets’ (2011) and their latest Grammy-winning ‘Brasileiro: Works of Mignone’.

Photo credits: Sergio Yazbek

Over a hundred works written for them and over a hundred world premieres.

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