Trio Anima Mundi


Trio Anima Mundi has become a much-loved part of Australia’s chamber music life. Since the establishment of the trio in 2008, they’ve been performing prestigious concerts that bring an eclectic blend of repertoire from the great composers to lesser-known ones. The trio’s members Kenji Fujimura, piano, Rochelle Ughetti, violin and cellist Miranda Brockman are widely praised as a ‘trio of vitality, charm and poise’. The three are individually established as superb performers who have gained a reputation for excellence. The trio has formed a special bond which comes across in an intensity and integrity in all their interpretations. The violin and cello’s dialogues are masterly crafted in all themes, while the piano accompaniment fills out the background colour with subtlety.

They’ve recently presented their sixth annual concert series, themed ‘Phantasies’ which contrives an imaginative journey through some of the richest music written for strings and piano. The exquisite performance has been awarded with the International Composition Prize in 2013.

...a trio of vitality, charm and poise.

Trio Anima Mundi’s repertoire contains works of great masters Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Debussy, Dvorak, Mendelssohn and many more. They interpret marvellous works of more contemporary composers such as Leonard Bernstein and Copland and lesser-known composers. One of their recent recordings named ‘Romantic Piano Trios’ consists of work of a diverse group of composers, none of whom particularly well-known. This recording has been hailed for its truly expressive movements that sooth away any troubles and cares.

Expressive movements that sooth away any troubles and cares


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