Victor Borge



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Victor Borge was a popular Danish-American pianist and comedian who made a name for himself in the mid-twentieth century.

Victor Borge was born Børge Rosenbaum in Copenhagen, Denmark. His parents were Jewish and were both musicians. His father was a violist in the Royal Danish Orchestra and his mother was a pianist.  Borge showed prodigious talent at the piano from a young age and was granted a full scholarship to the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1918. He gave his début recital in 1926 and fled to the United States in 1940.

He garnered huge popularity on television, radio and stage after moving to the USA. He performed comical routines at the piano, complete with physical and visual gags, audience interaction and plays on words. He performed until the age of 91. With the advent of the internet, he became known to new generations via youtube and has inspired similar on-stage antics by classical musicians.