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Audio Technology


In order to play music, hardware is needed. Since there is a lot of different hardware it is easy to get confused. Which hardware you have to use depends on your needs. For example, are you going to play DSD files you will need an external DAC but if you have speakers with an built-in amplifier you don’t need an external amplifier.

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Downloaded music is usually played by an computer. In order to play high resolution audio you will need some appropriate software. However, there are several software programs that are suitable for different operating systems and formats.

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Audio formats

Audio file formats may differ from one another. The internal structure, digital encoding and the use of compression are just a few attributes that gives every format its strength and weakness. Find out which one is suitable for you.

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Surround sound

As human beings we are surrounded with sound. To recreate this with audio devices a surround system is needed. Surround systems are probably older than you figured. The first originated before WWII. Nowadays surround has evolved to immersive systems that are capable of delivering a unique experience.

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Digital audio

Everybody uses digital audio these days making it possible to store, generate and manipulate audio. It is also perfectly possible to convert analogue audio to the digital domain and back again. Digital audio became widely available with the introduction of the CD in 1980. Explore the depth of the digital bits and bytes.

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