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Audio Formats


This audio format is probably the most familiar format to most people. It was originally developed by IBM and Microsoft to store audio on their computers. Wave uses PCM encoding to convert analogue audio into bits and bytes. We offer 44.1 kHz, 16 bit Wave audio files on our website.

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Flac wasn’t developed until the year 2000. Despite it’s relatively young age, the Flac format gained a lot of attention. The format uses lossless compression to reduce the size of an audio file making it a perfect format for archiving purposes. Furthermore, Flac files can contain up to 8 channels of audio making it useful for surround audio.

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Instead of using a large bit rate, DSD only uses 1 bit but has a very high sample rate of at least 2.8224 MHz. When compared to PCM formats like Wave and Flac, DSD has a more analogue sound. It is also perfect for stereo and surround. However, to play DSD files you will need some extra resources.

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