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Bernstein: Trouble in Tahiti (Remastered)

Release date: 01 Dec 2017, G010003718675K


Mark Brown, Nancy Williams, Michael Clarke, Julian Patrick, Antonia Butler, Columbia Wind Ensemble, Leonard Bernstein


Leonard Bernstein




Late 20th

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Leonard Bernstein: Trouble in Tahiti - Opera in 7 Scenes (Remastered) 44:17   $
Prelude. Daa-Doa Day ... Mornin' sun kisses the windows 03:12   $
Scene I. How could you say the thing that you did 05:32   $
Scene II. Yes? Oh, Mister Partridge! 03:03   $
Scene IIIa. I was standing in a garden! 04:35   $
Scene IIIb. Then desire took hold inside me 02:46   $
Scene IV. Well, of all People ... I'm on my way 06:30   $
Interlude. Skid a lit day 01:45   $
Scene V. There's a law 04:22   $
Scene VIa. What a movie! 04:38   $
Scene VIb. There's a law that a man has to pay for what he gets 00:38   $
Scene VII. Evenin' shadows are spreadin' softly 07:16   $

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