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Britten - The Complete Works for Oboe

Release date: 01 May 2006, 0102004


Alexei Utkin, Hermitage Orchestra


Benjamin Britten




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Alexi Utkin's playing, like on his other Caro Mitis SACDs, is stunning. I have heard few oboists who demonstrate such a total mastery of what is perhaps the most fiendish instrument, while having such a warm and pleasing sound. This selection alone makes this SACD a winner. (...) I will eventually sound like a broken record when I review future Caro Mitis SACDs. Let's face it, these SACDs are some of the BEST SOUNDING RECORDINGS available!!! The Polyhymnia team has definitely got their ducks in a row when the record the various Caro Mitis artists. HIGHLY recommended!!!!

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Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, op.49 (1951) for oboe solo. Dedicated to Joy Boughton 14:43   $
Pan, who played upon the reed pipe which was Syrinx, his beloved 2:20   $
Phaeton, who made upon the chariot of the sun for one day and was hurled into the river Padus by a thunderbolt 1:13   $
Niobe, who, lamenting the death of her fourteen children, was turned into a mountain 2:35   $
Bacchus, at whose feast is heard the noise of gaggling women’s tattling tongues and shouting out of boys 2:30   $
Narcissus, who fell in love with his own image and became a flower 3:40   $
Arethusa, who, flying from the love of Alpheus the river god, was turned into a fountain 2:25   $
Phantasy Quartet, op.2 (1932) for oboe, violin, viola and cello. Dedicated to Leon Goossens 12:35   $
Phantasy Quartet, op.2 (1932) for oboe, violin, viola and cello. Dedicated to Leon Goossens 12:35   $
Insect Pieces, op.posth. (1935) Arranged for oboe and string orchestra by Leonid Hoffman 5:14   $
I. The Grasshoper 3:22   $
II. The Wasp 1:52   $
Temporal Variations, op.posth. (1936). Arranged for oboe and string orchestra by Viktor Kozodov and Alexei Utkin. Dedicated to Montagu Slater 13:35   $
I. Theme. Andante rubato 1:32   $
II. Oration. Lento quasi recitativo 1:41   $
III. March. Alla marcia 1:16   $
IV. Exercises. Allegro molto e con fuoco 1:02   $
V. Commination. Adagio con fuoco 1:28   $
VI. Chorale. Molto lento 1:57   $
VII. Waltz. Allegretto rubato 1:16   $
VIII. Polka. Tempo di Polka. Allegro 1:37   $
IX. Resolution. Maestoso (ma non troppo lento) 1:46   $

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