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Covent Garden Opera Company's first performance

14 January 1947

The Covent Garden Opera Company gave its inaugural performance. London's Royal Opera House at Covent Garden had re-opened the previous year after being renovated. This was the company's first performance alone, without any collaborations with other organisations. They performed Carmen. The building had been through many changes before this period: during World War II, the Royal Opera House had become a dance hall, but in the post-war period, it was ultimately decided that the hall would return to its true calling as one of the world's premier opera houses.

    Overture - Prelude

    Psalm 14, "Habitabit"

    Prelude, "Les dragons d'Alcala"

    Subvenite sancti Dei

    Prelude, "Pastorale"

    Rogamus te, Domine



Birth of Mariss Jansons

14 January 1943

World-renowned conductor Mariss Jansons was born in Riga, Latvia. His father Arvids Jansons was also a celebrated conductor and his mother Araida Jansons an accomplished singer. Jansons initially studied violin with his father before entering the Leningrad Conservatory and continuing his studies in Vienna and Salzburg. Jansons' impressive discography consists of works of the greats: Mahler, Bruckner, Mussorgsky, Dvorak, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Strauss, Beethoven, Debussy and Poulenc.

    I. Kyrie (Live)

    II. Vivace

    III. Menuetto. Allegretto - Trio (Live)

    III. Largo

    II. Gloria (Live)

    II. Vivace



A full concert of compositions by Charles Villiers Stanford took place

14 January 1889

The Irish composer Charles Villiers Stanford conducted a concert in Berlin consisting exclusively of his own works. His Suite for Violin and Orchestra was performed by the celebrated Joseph Joachim. By this time, he was a lecturer at London's Royal College of Music and at Cambridge University and was an influential force owing to his stylistic individuality.

    I. Allegro

    III. Adagio

    No. 1, Andante espressivo

    IV. Giga. Allegro


    I. Andante



Death of Francesco Cavalli

14 January 1676

    II. A piè d’un bel cipresso

    VIII. Littles Barrés

    Dimmi Filli, mio ben

    IX. Cantilena

    VII. V’ho inteso abbastanza

    X. Arpeggios