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Mahler made his conducting début

24 September 1881

Gustav Mahler gave his first professional conducting performance in the city of Laibach (now Ljubljana). The outcome was extremely positive - reviews in both German- and Slovenian-language newspapers even referred to the unifying effect his music was having on the increasingly unstable Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    I. Overture


    II. Adagio


    III. Minuet




Mahler's new position as the Vienna Philharmonic's new musical director was formally announced

24 September 1898

Exactly 17 years to the day after his conducting début, Gustav Mahler was formally announced as the Vienna Philharmonic's new musical director.

    Also sprach Zarathustra 0p. 30

    No. 4. Zakatilos solntse (The Sun has Set)

    Totenfeier (1888)

    No. 5. Sred' mrachnikh dney (Amid Sombre Days)

    Sinfonisches Praludium fur Orchester

    No. 6. Snova, kak prezhde, odin (Again, as Before, Alone)



The main house of Rachmaninov's summer residence was officially opened to the public

24 September 1994

Adding to the Rachmaninov museum that had already been opened on the estate in 1982, the main manor house of the Ivanovka estate which Rachmaninov used as his summer residence and main place of creativity, was officially opened to the public. The original house had been demolished and had to be reconstructed, with architechts relying on photographs and eye-witness descriptions of the original house for inspiration.

    No. 1 in B flat minor: Andantino


    No. 2 in E flat minor: Allegretto


    No. 3 in B minor: Andante cantabile




Death of Edwin Henry Lemare

24 September 1934

    Orb and Sceptre (Coronation March) [Arr. W. MacKie for Organ]

    Scène 2: "Tristes apprêts, pâles flambeaux" (Télaïre)

    II. Air ("On a G String") [Arr. D. Cook for Organ]

    Scène 3: "Cruelle, en quels lieux venez-vous ?" (Phébé, Télaïre)

    Toccata & Fugue in F Major, BWV 540

    Scène 3: "Triomphe, vengeance" (Chœur)