Caro Mitis

Caro Mitis is an internationally recognized Russian classical music label that offers a wide range of high quality recordings of outstanding European and Russian musicians, ensembles and orchestras.


Their collection consists of a number of world premiere recordings, mainly of early music. All recordings are produced in multichannel SACD format. The name, Caro Mitis, means ‘succulent fruit’ translated from Latin. The label distributes all through Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Russia.

The label’s values lie in top quality recordings, unique design of discs and extensively illustrated and multilingual information in the booklets and a long-term recording programme with a number of world premiere recordings per year. Caro Mitis has received numerous awards for its recordings and extremely favourable reviews in the European press.

Numerous world premiere recordings every year


The label exclusively records and supports leading Russian Orchestras on authentic instruments such as the Pratum Integrum Orchestra and the Hermitage Chamber Orchestra as well as the outstanding oboist Alexei Utkin and harpsichordist Olga Martynova. Among the Caro Mitis’ recordings are excellent interpretations of Beethoven, Telemann, Mozart, Schumann, Bach, Haydn, Strauss and many more, including renowned Russian composers such as Prokofiev, Taneyev and Fomin.

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Alexei Utkin


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