Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a German record label, founded in 2008 by balance engineers Jonas Niederstadt and Johannes Wallbrecher. The label is acknowledged for its exceptionally high quality recordings.


Carpe Diem is an ideal label for 'border-crossers' with its repertoire consisting of mainly early music, but also jazz, world music and new music, operating apart from the mainstream. Among their recording artists are renowned performers as well as young upcoming talents. The label records in venues that offer perfect conditions for the performers and their instruments, such as churches, monasteries and historic concert halls.

...excavating treasures from older times.


Carpe Diem’s early music repertoire features performances of various renaissance and baroque instruments, such as the lute, baroque guitar and the harpsichord. Works of composers such as Monteverdi, Bach, Charles Dieupart, Hildegard von Bingen and Paganini are phenomenally interpreted. Among their recording artists are renowned performers: Japanese lutenist and composer Toyohiko Satoh and harpsichordist Alina Rotaru.

The sound of Carpe Diem's recordings accompanies the music on its journey through reality — it interprets, supports, and contradicts—different for every listener, always new, time and time again.

All images courtesy of Carpe Diem Records.

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Toyohiko Satoh

Soloist, Composer

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