Cedille Records is the independent award-winning record label of the Chicago Classical Recording Foundation, launched in 1989 by James Ginsburg. Cedille is the first Chicago-based record label, with a focus on recording local musicians and known for the audiophile-quality of its recordings.


Each year Cedille Records pursues between six and nine large-scale projects and has released over 125 original recordings to date. One of the label’s recent accomplishments is the ‘Pulitzer Project’ with two world premieres and Pulitzer Prize-winning recordings of William Schuman’s ‘A Free Song’ and Leo Sowerby’s ‘Canticle of the Sun’, performed by Chicago’s Grant Park Symphony Orchestra. The label has won and been nominated for several Grammy Awards, such as ‘Best Engineered Classical Album’ for Brahms & Joachim Violin Concertos, ‘Best Chamber Music Performance’, ‘Producer of the Year’ and ‘Best Instrumental Soloist Performance’.

A label with numerous Pulitzer Prize-winning recordings.


Cedille’s repertoire includes interpretations of the standard repertoire by eminent musical artists from Chicago, Illinois. They offer recordings of works from composers such as Chávez, Brahms, Gershwin, Ravel, Strauss, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Haydn and many more. The collection features remarkable artists such as, violinist Jennifer Koh and clarinettist Anthony McGill.

Each CD is intended as a permanent addition to the world’s catalog of classical music.

Cedille has sustained its core vision, dedicating to produce classical recordings of the highest quality featuring outstanding musicians from Chicago. Very rarely is mainstream classical works recorded, only in the context of original programs by artists who have enlightening and distinctive interpretations. As recording projects are primarily artist-driven, Cedille engages artists on project-basis. The label nurtures artists in refining recording concepts and contribute valuable insights to make recordings a worthy contribution to the artist's discography, widening the catalog of classical music recordings as well as the interest of the audience.

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Anthony McGill


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