Concerto Classics

Concerto Classics focuses on Italian music repertoire as well as Italian composers.

Concerto Classics was launched on the market at the beginning of year 2000. The Label is mainly focusing on Italian music repertoire as well as Italian composers, by widening one’s knowledge of baroque music and antique music up to the 18th century as well as contemporary classical music.

What is common among all the various productions is surely the great passion and enthusiasm which brings both interpreters and publisher to present well known works, as well as less popular ones, but still interesting themes to be discovered yet. Joy and passion which the label wishes to convey in its productions. In the same way Concerto Classics pursues an ideal of beauty which is reflected in great care of exclusive covers, ordered to some contemporary Italian Artists, mostly figurative one. More over Concerto Classics has always been paying great attention to guarantee high artistic level and improving continuously digital sound characteristics in every production, namely an on-going research for excellence.

an ideal of beauty