Coviello Classics

Coviello Classics is a German classical music record label based in Darmstadt. Coviello is considered to be a premium audiophile label with something for every music lover.


Coviello Classics doesn't feature prescribed styles or reservations, quality is the sole criterion. Every release explores new territory. Long-neglected repertoire offers surprising discoveries, and familiar works appear in a new light with unique interpretations. Innovative artists demonstrate how exciting and lively the classical music scene is today.

Coviello stands for production being a question of trust – particularly in view of the virtually incalculable range of possible technical solutions and the equally large number of conflicting opinions about the right approach. Therefore, it is essential to get to the heart of the matter – the starting point is still an acoustic event in a room, which is picked up with a microphone. Everything is determined there; any loss in quality as a result of improper selection or placement of microphones cannot be corrected later with technical tricks. That is why Coviello takes great care in choosing and positioning the microphones; naturally they must be of the highest quality. The audio signal obtained is processed with as little loss as possible.

Coviello has its own control room. They’ve designed a recording van especially equipped to meet the demands of high-quality music production, which always guarantees the same optimal monitoring conditions, also fulfilling another essential requirement for recording. The label’s music productions are supervised by experienced professional recording producers whose training emphasizes musical aesthetics as well as technical expertise. Thus they are able to serve as knowledgeable partners for the interpreters in all aspects of the recording. This combination of the highest level of technical and aesthetic competence guarantees the exceptional quality standards of the label.

Coviello Classics doesn't feature prescribed styles or reservations, quality is the sole criterion.

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Lydia Teuscher


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