Delos Productions is an American classical music record label founded in 1973 in Los Angeles by Amelia S. Haygood (1919 – 2007), a prominent character in the classical recording industry. The label is internationally recognised as ‘The Great American Label’.


The name Delos is derived from the Greek Island of Delos, birthplace of the sun god Apollo, who brought music and healing to the world. Delos’ current director is pianist Carol Rosenberger, who previously recorded more than 30 albums for Delos. The label is a platform for some of the most honoured names in classical music and is at the forefront of new sound technology.

Delos was a pioneer when it came to embracing digital recordings, collaborating in 1979 with scientist Thomas Stockham, inventor of the Soundstream digital recording process. The Grammy winner (Sound Engineering 2001) and Delos’ chief engineer John M. Eargle (1931 – 2007) had many recordings to his name. The label has been praised by the President of the nationwide Music Personnel Conference: ‘Delos is the David that will remain standing after Goliath has fallen’. Gramophone said of label’s founder Ms. Haygood: ‘Her zeal and desire for excellence created a label with a strong personality that not only attracted a host of major performers but which also gained plaudits for its technical excellence’.

A platform for some of the most honoured names in classical music.


Delos is known as ‘The Great American Label’ for its mission to give American performers an international breakthrough, with their focus on American composers. Delos Productions represents prominent orchestras, choirs, ensembles and soloists such as Dallas Symphony Chorus, Etherea Vocal Ensemble and Alias Chamber Ensemble, interpreting works of composers like Ben Moore, Kenji Bunch, Verdi and many more American, European and Russian composers. Their catalogue consists of over 500 titles covering every classical genre.

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