Divine Art

Divine Art Recordings Group was founded by Stephen Sutton in 1993 and is a well-established international record label based in Vermont, USA and in Northumberland, UK.


Divine Art is one of the premier labels for classical music in the United Kingdom. They have acquired three other labels: Athene Records, specialising in period piano performances; Metier, renowned as one of Europe’s most important labels for contemporary music with over a hundred titles; and Dunelm Records. Followed by the opening of its own American branch, Brandon Music, Divine Art has also acquired Heritage Media. The company currently possesses 6 main labels that distribute in numerous countries all over the world with an ever-expanding catalogue.

Despite the huge expansion, the label’s two values remain: to produce recordings of rare and unusual music of high quality and to remain artist-led. Divine Art trusts their artists to know their repertoire and audience, with the label acting as a medium by which they can reach out to a wider public.

Divine Art attracts numerous of highly noted artists, orchestras and ensembles. With almost 400 titles, Divine Art specialises in critically acclaimed, re-discovered, rare and new classical music. The recordings are available on CD as well as in digital download format.

Recordings of rare and unusual music of quality.

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Trio Anima Mundi


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