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Gaetano Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale 07:36   $
Sinfonia 07:36   $
Gaetano Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale, Act I 30:04   $
Pensieroso concentrato (Matilde) 01:42   $
Dove si vide un core (Camillo) 05:32   $
Spendo e spando (Olivo, Matilde, Diego, Columella, Chorus) 06:27   $
Manigoldi (Olivo, Diego, Camillo) 02:09   $
Morir mi sento (Camillo, Isabella) 01:21   $
Come vuoi che freni il pianto … Quando Isabella (Isabella) 05:08   $
Sapete il proverbio? (Matilde, Camillo, Isabella) 02:32   $
Bene! Bravi! (Pasquale) 05:13   $
Gaetano Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale, Act II 02:50   $
Signor zio… (Isabella, Pasquale, Camillo, Olivo) 02:50   $
Gaetano Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale, Act I 08:42   $
Dopo l'orrendo, torbin nembo (Chorus) 02:14   $
Grazie, clementi dei… Monsieur Le Bross? (Le Bross) 00:45   $
Parea che irato il vento (Le Bross) 05:43   $
Gaetano Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale 00:24   $
Act I:Eccolo! È quella là! (Columella, Le Bross) 00:24   $
Gaetano Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale, Act I 33:53   $
Alto la, signor mio bello (Pasquale, Olivo, Columella, Le Bross) 03:09   $
Ma voi stanco signore sarete (Columella) 05:57   $
Io l'ho detto o mia signora (Matilde, Isabella, Diego) 03:54   $
Sono mobili degli avi (Pasquale, Le Bross) 06:02   $
Cos’è questo strillo? (Pasquale, Le Bross) 04:04   $

Album Spectogram

Album information

This sparkling opera buffa is a premiere from the 2016 Donizetti Festival of Bergamo, with the part of Pasquale in Neapolitan dialect. It is the story of two rich merchant brothers from Lisbon, who are used to weighing everything against their barganing power. Also the marriage of Pasquale's niece Isabella is a "bargain" to them: she must marry another merchant, so as not to break with family tradition. The gags among the various characters are hilarious - especially those between the two brothers, who have competely different characters - creating an almost surreal atmosphere. Olivo, interpreted by Bruno Taddia, is teh real protagonist: as Isabella's father, he portrays a gruff, inflexible man, and does so with self-assurance and ease but never over the top. No less convincing is Filippo Morace as his brother Pasquale: istrionic and exhilarating as a na ctor, musically precise, and excellent in his Neapolitan dialect performance. Laurea Giordano, also thanks to her physique du role, is perfect as Isabella, the heartbroken girl torn between love for the young Camillo and obedience towards her grouchy father.

Donizetti: Olivo e Pasquale (Live)

Category Opera

Period Romantic

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