Enchiriadis was created in 2000 by Raúl Mallavibarrena. Enchiriadis has released recordings by Musica Ficta and Ensemble Fontegara, alongside recordings by new artists in the early music field.


The Spanish label Enchiriadis was founded by Raúl Mallavibarrena in the year 2000, with the aim of elaborating and adding a personal touch to recording projects. His works were mostly related to music composed before the year 1700.

The involvement with artists specialising in early music repertoire came to the fore, motivating the addition of interesting proposals and always keeping in mind Mallavibarrena's vision that involves a refined selection in the cover, design and presentation.

"I simply get involved in the albums that I would like to buy", a statement that reveals the focus of his work, pointing out how the richness of the catalogue keeps growing and evolving according to the present time.

Mallavibarrena's vision involves a refined selection in terms of repertoire, presentation and cover design.

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