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Audio file formats

Which audio file formats does primephonic offer?
Currently, primephonic offers three file formats: WAV, FLAC and DSD. The latter two are available in both stereo and multichannel files, depending on the original release format.
What is a WAV file?
The most versatile file format primephonic offers is the WAV file. This stereo 44.1 kHz 16-bit file is a standard CD quality download. It is ideal for headphone use, and it offers stereo in a far better quality than the usual MP3 downloads. WAV can be played on an iPod and other portable players, and all Windows and Apple computers. These files can be easily burned onto a CD.
What is a FLAC file?
The FLAC file is a lossless file format, with better resolution and frequency range than the CD quality. This version offers perfect stereo (and even multichannel) quality for a living room sound set-up. Almost every modern computer is capable of playing these files. For extra quality, external DA (digital to analogue) converters may be used. These are connected to the computer by USB, Firewire or another connections. primephonic offers FLAC files in 24 bit, with varying samplerates, ranging from 88.2 up to 192 kHz. This means that the sound quality exceeds that of the CD in means of dynamic depth and accuracy.
What is DSD and which format do you offer?
DSD stands for Direct Stream Digital. It is the digital audio format that was created by Sony and Philips to recreate audio on Super Audio CDs (SACD). The DSD format has a sampling rate that is 64 times higher than a standard audio CD. However, the bitrate is 16 times lower. primephonic offers DSD in the DSF file format. This way, metadata is also included in the files, on a track level. Depending on the release, both stereo and multichannel versions are available.
What is the difference between PCM (WAV files and FLAC) and DSD (DSF files)?
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is a method used to digitally represent sampled analogue signals. It is the standard format of digital audio on CDs. In a PCM stream, the amplitude of the analogue signal is sampled regularly at uniform intervals and each sample is quantized to the nearest value within a range of digital steps. SACD audio is stored in a format called DSD (Direct Stream Digital), which differs from the conventional PCM. DSD is 1-bit, has a sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz and makes use of noise shaping quantization techniques in order to push 1-bit quantization noise up to inaudible ultrasonic frequencies. This gives the format a greater dynamic range and wider frequency response than the CD. The SACD format is capable of delivering a dynamic range of 120 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and an extended frequency response up to 100 kHz.

General FAQs

What is the shopping cart?
The shopping cart is where all your purchases are listed prior to you confirming that you wish to send an order to primephonic. Products can be added to and removed from your shopping cart prior to you committing to purchase them. The contents of your shopping cart can be viewed at the top of each page by clicking on ‘CART’.
When can I expect my order to arrive?
Your download is available after your payment is confirmed. You can view your download credits at ‘MY ACCOUNT’. A confirmation email of your order will be sent to your email address. All digital downloads sales are final and non-refundable.
The confirmation email for my download has not arrived, what to do?
Your download is available after your payment is confirmed. Sometimes credit card payments can take a while. If you did not receive the confirmation email at all, please contact us at info@primephonic.com.
Can I see my purchase history?
Yes we have made an overview for you. Simply click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ at the top right of your screen and you will see your purchase history. Downloads are available for you three times.
How do I cancel my order?
Before payment: You can cancel your order by going to your shopping cart en click on ‘Remove from cart’ next to the item you have ordered. You can also empty the whole shopping cart at once at the bottom of the page by clicking on ‘Empty cart’. Or simply use the back button in your browser. After payment: We are not able to cancel your order once it has been processed. All digital downloads sales are final and non-refundable.
How do I use my voucher?
To use a primephonic promotional code or voucher select your purchase(s) and add them to the shopping cart. Then choose your payment method and fill in the voucher code. Now click on the button ‘ADD DISCOUNT’. Your order will be recalculated taking into consideration the value of the voucher. A revised total will be displayed. Proceed with your order. You will have to agree to our terms and conditions and please do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you will never miss out on anything new at primephonic. Click the button ‘ORDER NOW’ and the system will guide you through the payment procedure. You will receive a confirmation email with all your order details. Thank you for ordering at primephonic.com!
I am not satisfied with my purchase, what to do?
All digital downloads sales are final and non-refundable. If there is a problem with the file (broken/damaged), please contact us at info@primephonic.com and we will repair the file and increase your download credits to three.
I forgot my password, what to do?
If you have forgotten your password, do not worry. You can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Login’ button at the top of the page where you will be prompted for your e-mail address and password. Then click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link and enter your email address in the box provided. We will then email you a new password.
Where can I reach the primephonic team for any further questions?
Please contact us at info@primephonic.com for any further questions. Do not forget to mention your name, possible order number and a brief explanation.

Downloading music

How do I buy a download?
Visit the primephonic store, using the STORE link on the top side of the screen, or just simply type in a keyword at the search engine on top of the website. When you see an album you wish to buy, click on that album cover. On the right top side of the tracklist, there is the audio quality selection box. There, you can choose between various qualities, depending on the album. WAV is always available, FLAC offers higher quality and is widely available. DSD is for sublime sound quality. Click on the button ‘BUY ALBUM’. Are you a new customer? Register and fill in the requested information. Are you a frequent customer? Login with your e-mail address and password. Choose your payment method and if you have a discount voucher, fill in the code here and click on the button ‘ADD DISCOUNT’. Your order will be recalculated taking into consideration the value of the voucher. A revised total will be displayed. Proceed with your order. You will have to agree to our terms and conditions and please do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you will never miss out on anything new at primephonic. Click the button ‘ORDER NOW’ and the system will guide you through the payment procedure. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all your order details. At primephonic your downloads are available three times. Simply click on ‘ACCOUNT’ at the top section of your screen and there you will find them. Thank you for ordering at primephonic.com!
Where to find my purchased music?
Don't worry, your purchased music is still available for you. Please go to 'Account' -> 'My Profile'. Now you're at your own profile. When you click the 'Collection' tab you can find all your purchased music.
I have downloaded DSF files, but the metadata is not available or incorrect.
It is possible that some of our releases have not yet had the proper metadata attached to the file. We are striving to offer every DSF file with the correct data as soon as possible. If you have specific questions regarding this, please contact us via email.
I purchased an album, but there is no booklet available. Why is this?
primephonic strives to offer albums as complete as possible. We always have the album cover available. Booklets however are not available for every release, due to differences in the way content is provided by the respective labels. If you have suggestions or remarks concerning missing or incorrect booklets, please contact us via info@primephonic.com
After downloading a track the download manager starts all over again.
This problem is easily solved but it is a manual process so we will do it for you. Please contact info@primephonic.com
How to download my music?
Downloading on primephonic.com is easy! The easiest way is by downloading each file as a .zip file. After purchasing an album, a link called 'Download your purchased music' will appear. After clicking this link you will be led to your collection of purchases. After clicking an album, you will see a button 'Download multiple tracks'. By clicking this button you can choose how to download the album. Choosing the '.zip file download' is the fastest way of downloading. If your internet connection is unstable we suggest to click the 'Download multiple tracks' option, which will lead you to our downloader.
How to use the download manager?
Please download and install the newest version of our download manager (http://www.primephonic.com/downloader). Once it is installed, the download manager will ask you to log in. After logging in, the download manager automatically connects to our website. When you have purchased an album and it is correctly paid for a button with 'Download my purchased albums' will appear. If you click this you will be guided to your purchased albums. Click on an album and the music of that album will be displayed. There is button that says, 'Download all purchased tracks.' Click this button and all tracks from that album will be downloaded. Sometimes a small pop-up will appear asking for your permission to use the download manager. Please agree and after that a pop-up will appear to ask if you want to download your music. By clicking on 'download' the download manager starts downloading your purchased music.
My download is not downloading in the download manager.
Since our database is constantly growing some albums are being replaced. Please contact info@primephonic.com and we will help you.
My Firewall or Virus scanner is blocking the download manager.
Since we cannot access your firewall or virus scanner you have to make sure that our download manager is accepted. This is usually quite easy. Go to your firewall or virus scanner and add Primephonic's download manager to the safe or accepted programs list.
The download manager is not working.
First, please make sure you are using the most recent version of our download manager. Than make sure you are logged in correctly and your internet connection is working. If your purchased music still doesn't work, please contact: info@primephonic.com
Where can I download the download manager?
Please go to this page: http://www.primephonic.com/downloader Here you can find the downloader. Make sure you choose the right version for your operating system.

Billing & Accounts

Do you have a Billing Query?
If you have a query about payment please contact us by sending an email to info@primephonic.com. We accept all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and iDeal. All the available payment methods for your country will be displayed when you get to the payment page.


Is it safe to browse and buy at the primephonic website?
primephonic will never email you asking you for your password, security PIN from you bank- or credit card or any other bank account details. If you receive an email like this, do not respond or react and contact your email provider. It is safe to use our website. Any transaction you make is both private and protected. Any screen containing your personal details, passwords or payment details is delivered using 128 bit secure socket layer encryption. If you want more information about shopping safe online, please visit http://www.getsafeonline.org