Fidelio Musique

The Fidelio Music classical music record label was founded in Montreal, Canada by sound engineer René Laflamme in 2000. Fidelio Music distinguishes itself from competitors by the quality of its audiophile recordings and artistic choices.


Each new release of Fidelio Music is a masterpiece of innovation and technical expertise. The label has always been attentive to the rapid evolution and changes of the music industry. Fidelio Music offers avant-garde recordings in the form of CD, vinyl, high definition downloads and even a credit card-sized USB key. The label invented the revolutionary MasterFlash, which enables people to hear music reproduced without any mobile parts. As a result, the sounds is natural and of unprecedented purity. The label’s reputation has grown extensively thanks to the innovative format and attracts an increasing number of artists.

Fidelio Music’s catalogue currently counts over thirty albums, many of which have received prestigious awards and celebratory reviews. The label is henceforth the reference for audiophiles all over the world. They’ve received Best Audiophile Recording of the Year several times against major competitors. Consequently, this has attracted numerous distributors from the United States, Europe and Asia. Today, their releases are being distributed through a great number of high resolution download websites.

The label is henceforth the reference for audiophiles all over the world.


Fidelio’s collection includes original Fidelio recordings using all the high-end technology and X2HD process. The label features recordings containing samples of their best recordings as well as audio system set-up albums. They also offer albums not originally recorded by the label but remastered, endorsed and distributed by them, plus recorded and mastered vinyls. Fidelio Music’s repertoire spans from early music to more contemporary recordings. Their artists exquisitely perform works by Grieg, Dvorak, Mozart and many more composers.

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Daniel Myssyk

Soloist, Conductor

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