Fondamenta is a high-end French classical music label that is represented by a unique team of experts. Fondamanta thrives on capturing remarkable musical projects with great adaptability to the disposition of the fine artists and their musical performances.


Fondamenta realises their achievements through the use of HD technology and advanced technical equipment. One of Fondamenta’s keys to success is its extensive international network of television broadcasters, including Mezzo, Arte, Brava HDTV, Kultura, but also when it comes to prominent digital streaming websites, such as Qobuz. Fondamenta unites and supports talent to carry out their music around strong, universal and noble values. They strive to reach the widest possible audience across all Fondamenta products with the highest quality required. They provide their music to as many people as possible in all its forms; concerts, audio and video recordings physically and digitally. They are renowned for featuring lively and outstanding musical experiences that at the same time renew the image of classical music to attract new audiences. Fondamenta seeks to maintain an original artistic value that enables the listener to re-encounter a memorable musical experience.