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The Format for Experts

DSD is the real format for audiophiles and experts.Because the quality hasn’t degenerated in the recording process, it is the most data heavy format and requires specific software to play. But its clarity of sound is incomparable.We consider DSD to be the best format to enjoy your music. That is why we are calling it ‘Premium Pro’.We offer both stereo and surround DSD files but only albums which were recorded in DSD and passed our quality check done by our world-class audio engineers.

DSD files

DSD is the trademark name for the audio format that is used on Super Audio CDs, and stands for Direct Stream Data. The DSD-format is very unique since it only uses 1 bit but has a sample rate of 2.8224 MHz which is 64 times the sampling rate of a typical CD. Instead of using Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), Pulse Density Modulation is used making it possible to reach high frequencies – up to 100 kHz - and achieve a large dynamic range of 120 dB. Due to the nature of a DSD signal the characteristics of the sound are more analogue and warmer when compared to PCM files.

When you download DSD files they will probably be delivered in .DSF (DSD Storage Facility) or .DFF (DSD Interchange File Format) files. Quality-wise they are the same but DSF supports embedded metadata and DFF doesn’t. It is important to have in mind that the .DSF and .DFF extensions both contain DSD files.

How to play DSD audio?

Because most audio equipment and computers are based on PCM files, you’re probably going to need an external DA-converter to play DSD files. If you choose not to use specialized DSD equipment it is also possible to use special software such as JRiver and AudioGate. However, since most computers only have PCM audio hardware the DSD audio has to be transcoded into PCM. In order to fully enjoy your DSD-files you will need an external DA-converter. It is very easy to connect your computer to such a device but make sure that it has DSD playback capabilities!


DSD actually contains Delta-Sigma signals which were described for the first time in 1954 in a patent by C.C. Cutler. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that Philips came up with the SACD, a physical carrier for the DSD format. Sony and Philips joined forces to create this product, which was designed to replace the nearly two-decade-old CD. The first tests with DSD audio were done by our partner, Polyhymnia studios.

Audio DSP processing in the DSD domain is very hard due the 1 bit structure. To get the best results, a DSD album should be recorded in DSD, the so called native recording. If mixing is needed this can be done in DXD, an intermediate format between DSD and PCM. Albums that are recorded in PCM will never sound like true DSD.

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