Fuga Libera

Fuga Libera, founded in 2004, is currently amongst Belgium’s most vigorous labels. Endorsed by renowned characters of the European music industry.


Fuga Libera has an ever-expanding collection of over 80 titles, spanning from the classical baroque period to present-day music. The label offers a wide range of classical music blended with other musical trends. The label’s strength lies in close, lasting partnerships with young upcoming musicians and internationally established performers.

Fuga Libera positions itself as a platform with a focus on the younger generation of musicians. The platform provides the opportunity to exchange musical ideas, network, form new alliances and experiment. The label encourages the younger generation to evolve their musical talent, by offering an open dialogue with associates such as concert halls, music schools and festivals.

Close, lasting partnerships with young upcoming musicians


Fuga Libera’s repertoire consists of classical music stretching from baroque to contemporary with eminent European artists, orchestras and ensembles. With a focus on young musicians. They also possess a large catalogue in which classical music is mixed with other genres. Their recording artists have exquisitely interpreted works of great masters such as, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Ravel, Liszt, Mozart, Dvorak, Bach, Bartok, Schumann, Reinecke, Mendelssohn and Beethoven.