Heresy Records

Heresy Records is an Irish classical music record label based in Malahide in Dublin. The label was founded by the American opera and theatre director Eric Fraad in 2012.


Heresy Records has received international critical acclaim for its bold and unconventional approach to programming, interpretation, design and the high quality of musicianship on its recordings.

The label has a focus on early music, traditional and world music, folk, contemporary, electronic music and innovative fusions of these styles. The label collaborates with many of the world’s leading expert in these genres, as well as some of world’s finest instrumentalists, singer and composers.

Heresy Records' classical repertoire spans from early to contemporary, as well as the aforementioned other genres. The collection contains performances from various Irish artists and orchestras, including the world renowned opera singer Catriona O’Leary and editions of The Dublin Drag Orchestra.

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Caitriona O'Leary


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