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Modal Cycle (Live)

Release date: 06 Jan 2017, LHM2017001


Rebecca Henderson, Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Michelle Schumann


Graham Reynolds




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Graham Reynolds: Modal Cycle 37:10   $
I. Ionian 04:55   $
II. Dorian 05:19   $
III. Phrygian 05:05   $
IV. Lydian 04:08   $
V. Mixolydian 04:06   $
VI. Aeolian 02:48   $
VII. Locrian 06:30   $
VIII. Ionian 04:19   $

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Album information

Sara Jarvis Jones commissioned Graham Reynolds to write Modal Cycle for oboe, bassoon and piano, one of his first commissions, in 2004. Oboist Rebecca Henderson, bassoonist Kristin Wolfe Jensen, and pianist Michelle Schumann premiered the work at the Hyde Park Theatre in Austin, Texas to an enthusiastic audience that same year and then toured the piece in France in April of 2005. Presented here is a live recording from that tour at the Conservatoire Gabriel Fauré in Angoulême. Modal Cycle is a suite of eight movements progressing through the different modal scales, all in the same key signature. In this captivating piece, Reynolds artfully weds elements of rock, classical, and blues styles.

Modal Cycle (Live)

Category Chamber


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