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Fritz Wunderlich - A 50th Anniversary Recording from BR-Klassik

17 September 2016

Fritz Wunderlich, BR-Klassik, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

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Fritz Wunderlich

Fritz Wunderlich’s recordings are prized on many levels, not least for their historical value, due to the fact that Fritz Wunderlich was at the height of his fame when the recordings were made. Sadly, Wunderlich did not live to reap the benefits of such overwhelming popularity. In their own right, the recordings present us with the tenor’s stunning lyrical beauty, vocal strength and quality and a broad expressive palette.

The BR-Klassik release of this precious recording of Fritz Wunderlich incorporates early radio recordings made between 1959 and 1965, released for the first time. This recording presents Wunderlich at the height of his success, together with the Munich Radio Orchestra and choir, with such renowned conductors as Kurt Eichhorn, Siegfried Köhler, Willy Mattes, Hans Moltkau and Meinhard von Zallinger.

This release commemorates the 50th anniversary of the singer’s untimely death at the age of 35. Wunderlich died following a fatal fall at a friend’s country house near Heidelberg. At the time, Fritz Wunderlich had been preparing to make his New York Metropolitan Opera début as Don Ottavio, having fulfilled highly successful opera engagements at Covent Garden as well as a tour of the US two years previously.

Fritz Wunderlich gained massive respect as an interpreter of Mozart, Schubert, Mahler and Strauss and his recordings are a testament to that.

Rachel Deloughry
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Jonathan Bradley posted 1 year ago

Nobody sang Mahler's "Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde (The Drinking Song for the Sorrow of the Earth) better.

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