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primephonic’s stamp of approval: spectrogram

17 November 2014


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As goes for everything, you would always expect the delivered product you purchased to match your expectation - to be valued as ‘my money’s worth’. This may seem obvious, but it happens too often in the high resolution download realm that an album specified as ‘high res’ on a website short-changes your expectation with source files simply reflecting the resolution of a plain CD track. This results in a total lack of definition and spaciousness, which is why you chose to download high-resolution audio files in the first place. 

At primephonic, we share in your expectations for true high-res audio and value the authenticity of the audio files we offer. Every album firstly goes through a quality check with high-end equipment used by our technical team before anything is offered in the store, to ensure that you will receive what is truly high resolution audio.

To give our stamp of approval, we display a spectrogram for every album available in the primephonic store. This spectrogram represents the actual frequency response of the album you've selected. The screenshot shows one audio channel, with the frequency response on the vertical axis. CD quality audio would reach to 22 kHz per channel, but our high-res FLACs go at least twice that high, resulting in our minimum high-res quality of 88 kHz (the combined bandwith for a stereo file). This is just an extra bit of reassurance from our side. If we say it is high-res, it is high-res!

See it for yourself with Yannick Nézet-Séguin and Orchestre Métropolitain's Bruckner: Symphony No. 3 in D Minor, WAB 103 (Original 1873 Version).


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