Since the beginning of the new millennium of music, many paradigms have continued on their path and evolved such as the use of electronics, minimalism, serial music and neo-romanticism. In the wake of digital elements becoming increasingly available and affordable, more and more new aesthetics are emerging.

Many elements of modernism are still alive and well and there is a strong core of active composers, performers and listeners globally, who all play their part in the ever-changing ideas and forms in music. One of the greatest reactions of the end of the last century has been post-modernism, which has extended into the present day. Composer Jonathan Kramer is of the opinion that postmodernism is less of a historical period and more of an attitude.

Minimalism still has a prominent role in new music. Arvo PartPhilip Glass and Steve Reich, who established themselves in the last century, have been expanding their repertoire in the minimalist realm.

Likewise, to name a few Magnus Lindberg, George Crumb, Detlev Glanert, Colin Matthews and Mark-Anthony Turnage continue in their exploration of new ways of expression. 

Photo credit: Tomasz Wiech

...postmodernism is less of a historical period and more of an attitude.

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