Pipistrelle Music

Pipistrelle Music, founded in 2009 by Alison Melville, is a Canadian record label with the goal of bringing innovative artistic collaborations of diverse kinds to the classical music industry.


Pipistrelle’s expanding catalogue consists of baroque and renaissance music, out-of-the-box classical and world music with a twist. The label is currently featuring titles by the genre-bending Ensemble Polaris, cellist Rachel Mercer, the Windermere String Quartet, percussionist and cimbalom player Richard Moore, the Bird Project and founder and player of historical flutes, Alison Melville. Pipistrelle Music’s releases have earned international acclaim from KMUW-FM Global Village's Best of 2012 award, to Toronto Star reviewer John Terauds’ “Prepare to be enchanted”. The label’s recordings are available physically and digitally in high resolution audiophile formats.

About the name, the pipistrelle is a small but far-ranging bat, who like most bats navigates its way during night flight by listening to the echoes of their own voices. Though they can in fact see very well, bats use and trust their own voices and ears to travel the world – an inspiration to musicians everywhere.