Sono Luminus

Sono Luminus is an American record label founded in 1995 and based in Boyce, Virginia. The label specialises in high-end quality recordings of acoustic music, mainly classical recordings.


Sono Luminus was founded by Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack with a ‘less is more’ philosophy by capturing real performances in quality acoustic spaces with microphone placement and without heavy post-production. Sono Luminus purchased Dorian Recordings, a label known for extensive series of early music recordings in collaboration with numerous major labels. This resulted in a collection of early music, Latin American recordings and folk music. To date, the label has over 45 recordings on its name. Sono Luminus has received several Grammy Awards, among which ‘Best Engineered Album’ (2010) , ‘Best Classical Album’ for Brasileiro: Works of Francisco Mignone (2012) and Audio Engineering Society’s Award of Excellence in High Resolution Audio (2007). Furthermore, they’ve been nominated for numerous Grammys over the years.

Sono Luminus’ repertoire contains early music, classical and romantic music, Latin American music and folk music. Their artists interpret the works of great composers such as Schumann, Beethoven and Debussy as well as lesser-known composers.

...a distinguished team of the brightest innovative newcomers... who demonstrate their commitment to excellence in every project.

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Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Soloist, Ensemble

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