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Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex - Apollon musagète

Release date: 12 Aug 2014, LSO0751


Monteverdi Choir, Jennifer Johnston, Stuart Skelton, Gidon Saks, David Shipley, Benedict Quirke, Alex Ashworth, Fanny Ardant, VivaVoce, London Symphony Orchestra, Sir John Eliot Gardiner


Igor Stravinsky





Early 20th

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Igor Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex 49:01   $
Prologue: Spectateurs, vous allez entendre une version latine d'Oedipe-Roi … (Speaker, Chorus, Oedipus) 07:11   $
Act I: Voici Creon, beau-frere d'Oedipe (Speaker, Creon, Oedipus, Chorus) 06:53   $
Act I: Oedipe interroge la fontaine de verite (Speaker, Chorus, Tiresias, Oedipus) 08:19   $
Act I: Gloria, gloria, gloria! (Chorus, Speaker, Jocasta, Oedipus) 11:52   $
Act II: Le temoin du meurtre sort de l'ombre (Speaker, Chorus, Messenger, Shepherd, Oedipus) 07:36   $
Act II: Et maintenant, vous allez entendre (Speaker, Messenger, Chorus) 07:10   $
Igor Stravinsky: Apollon musagete, "Apollo" 30:12   $
Tableau I: Prologue: The Birth of Apollo 04:10   $
Tableau II: Apollo's Variation 02:57   $
Tableau II: Pas d'action: Apollo and the Muses 04:27   $
Tableau II: Variation of Calliope 01:32   $
Tableau II: Variation of Polymnia 01:19   $
Tableau II: Variation of Terpsichore 01:41   $
Tableau II: Variation of Apollo 02:39   $
Tableau II: Pas de deux: Apollo and Terpsichore 04:38   $
Tableau II: Coda: Apollo and the Muses 03:16   $
Tableau II: Apotheosis: Apollo and the Muses 03:33   $

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