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Stravinsky: The Firebird - Vladimir Nikolaev: The Sinewaveland (Live)

Release date: 23 Oct 2016, SSM1014


Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Ludovic Morlot


Igor Stravinsky

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Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird (Original 1910 Version) 46:27   $
Introduction 02:29   $
Scene 1: Night. Kastchei's Enchanted Garden 01:38   $
Scene 1: The Firebird enters, pursued by Ivan Tsarevich 02:24   $
Scene 1: The Firebird's Dance 01:24   $
Scene 1: Ivan Tsarevich captures the Firebird 00:54   $
Scene 1: The Firebird begs to be released 08:08   $
Scene 1: The Princesses play with the golden apples (Scherzo) 02:26   $
Scene 1: Ivan Tsarevich appears 01:20   $
Scene 1: The Princesses' Khorovod (Round Dance) 04:03   $
Scene 1: Daybreak 01:33   $
Scene 1: Magic Carillon - Appearance of Kastchei's Guardian Monsters - Capture of Ivan Tsarevich 05:34   $
Scene 1: Dance of Kastchei's retinue under the Firebird's magic spell 00:49   $
Scene 1: Infernal Dance of Kastchei and his subjects under the Firebird's magic spell 04:58   $
Scene 1: The Firebird's Lullaby 05:22   $
Scene 2: Collapse of Kashchei's Palace and Dissolution of all Enchantments - Reanimation of the Petrified Prisoners - General Rejoicing 03:25   $
Vladimir Nikolaev: The Sinewaveland 11:54   $
The Sinewaveland (Homage to Jimi Hendrix) 11:54   $

Album Spectogram

Album information

Continuing Seattle Symphony Media’s acclaimed tradition of mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar, this superb disc couples a thrilling live recording of Stravinsky’s complete ballet The Firebird with Russian composer Vladimir Nikolaev’s tribute to Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix, The Sinewaveland, described as “an image of Hendrix atop Bald Mountain, lighting his guitar on fire.

With naturalistic imaging, depth of field and dynamic range, all Seattle Symphony Media recordings have been engineered to audiophile standards and aim to capture as realistically as possible the sound of the orchestra performing on the Benaroya Hall stage.

Stravinsky: The Firebird - Vladimir Nikolaev: The Sinewaveland (Live)

Category Orchestral

Period Early 20th

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