Our Mission

We are on a mission. On a mission to create a better future for the classical music genre. For the artists and the listeners. We do so because we believe music, in general, can elevate humankind. And that classical music as the mother of all music genres, and as inspiration for musicians in every genre, is an essential part of the music ecosystem. But classical music is at risk. We are moving to a streaming-only world, and classical music is strongly underserved and underrepresented in streaming. Its streaming problem is existential. It is Primephonic’s mission to get digital right for all type of classical music lovers. Beginners and experts.

Everybody who works at Primephonic cares about our mission. More than half of us are active as musicians. Many of us have studied musicology, or performance at conservatory level. We listen to classical music together every day at 3.30 and organize monthly Classical 101 lectures. We bring our instruments to the office on Fridays, and on boat outings around Amsterdam.
Together we are creating a better future for classical music, music at large, and society.

Four Company Values

We realize our mission by focusing on four core values.

  • Classical quality first

Classical music fans are typically very serious about classical music. We provide them with the best possible search function, all type of browsing options, expertly curated playlists, podcasts for beginners and advanced listeners, and radio on demand. All in the highest audio quality. No compromises.

  • Artist centricity

It’s our firm belief that the music industry can only shine if the artists are front and center, fairly rewarded financially, and given the freedom to explore new paths creatively. We support their careers and releases. We grow them, they grow us.

  • Smart tech & deep human expertise

We strongly believe in the power of technology, But we also understand its limits. We embrace these with deep human expertise, even if needed at scale. This allows both beginners and advanced listeners to discover music they didn’t know, but will love.

  • Education

We are not an audio-only company, we are an integral music company. We enrich the listening experience with all types of related content. By educating advanced listeners and beginners alike, we grow the market of classical music lovers.