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Venezia: Cantatas & Sonatas (1689-1696)

Release date: 17 Mar 2017, PC10359


Flavio Ferri-Benedetti, Musica Fiorita, Daniela Dolci


Francesco Cavalli, Domenico Zanatta, Barbara Strozzi, Giovanni Battista Fontana






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Domenico Zanatta: Sonate da chiesa à 3, Op. 1 05:09   $
Sonata I 05:09   $
Francesco Cavalli: Gli amori d'Apollo e di Dafne, Act III 08:11   $
Lamento. Misero Apollo 08:11   $
Francesco Cavalli: Musiche Sacre 06:33   $
Sonata (Canzone) à 3 06:33   $
Barbara Strozzi: Presso un Ruscello Algente 09:06   $
Presso un Ruscello Algente 09:06   $
Giovanni Battista Fontana: 18 Sonatas in 1, 2 & 3 Parts 05:14   $
Sonata No. 16 05:14   $
Domenico Zanatta: Intrecci armonici, Op. 4 12:31   $
Gelosia 12:31   $
Domenico Zanatta: Sonate da chiesa à 3, Op. 1 04:36   $
Sonata XI 04:36   $
Domenico Zanatta: Cantate a voce sola in soprano con violini, Op. 2 14:06   $
Serenata, Op. 2, "Sorta è la notte opaca" 14:06   $
Domenico Zanatta: Sonate da chiesa à 3, Op. 1 05:37   $
Sonata III 05:37   $

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Album information

Little is known about the life of Domenico Zanatta. He was most probably born in Venice as the title pages of his prints seem to attest. The very sparse notices on his early life indicate that he soon started a musical career, already printing his first collection of sonatas at the young age of 24. But he also had a second endeavor: His group of cantatas. Zanatta shows a great mastery of the genre and his melodic inventiveness freely flows between the structuring parts of his cantatas, continuing the tradition of his Venetian colleagues in a much worthy way. Flavio Ferri-Benedetti and Musica Fiorita, under Daniela Dolci, present some of his pieces in between works by Cavalli, Strozzi, who was a pupil of Cavalli, and Fontana, who was a pioneer of the, at the beginning of the 17th century, new stile recitativo.

Venezia: Cantatas & Sonatas (1689-1696)

Category Chamber

Period Baroque

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