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Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story (operatic version): Act I 52:15   $
Prologue 03:57   $
Jet Song: Against the Sharks we need every man we got (Riff, Action, Baby John, Snowboy, A-rab, Big Deal, Jets) 03:57   $
Something's Coming: Could be! (Tony) 02:57   $
The Dance at the Gym: Blues 02:16   $
The Dance at the Gym: Promenade 00:27   $
The Dance at the Gym: Mambo 02:27   $
The Dance at the Gym: Cha-Cha 00:47   $
The Dance at the Gym - Meeting Scene: You're not thinking I'm someone else? (Tony, Maria) 01:51   $
The Dance at the Gym: Jump 00:58   $
Maria: Maria … The most beautiful sound I ever heard (Tony) 02:47   $
Balcony Scene: Tonight: Maria, Maria … (Tony, Maria) 01:40   $
Only You: Only you, You're the only thing I'll see forever (Maria, Tony) 06:01   $
America: Puerto Rico, you lovely island (Rosalia, Anita, Shark Girls) 05:19   $
Cool: Boy, boy, crazy boy, get cool, boy! (Riff, Jets) 04:25   $
One Hand, One Heart: I, Anton, take thee, Maria … (Tony, Maria) 05:34   $
Tonight: The Jets are gonna have their day tonight (Riff, Bernardo, Anita, Tony, Maria, Sharks, Jets) 03:51   $
The Rumble 03:01   $

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